The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Clydesdale Bank announces new
integrated service for landed estates

CLYDESDALE Bank has appointed Marion Hamilton to the newly created post of landed estates partner for the west of Scotland.

Picture shows: Clydesdale Bank's newly appointed landed estates partner for the West of Scotland Marion Hamilton.

One of 12 UK partners selected by the Bank to head a new initiative for the landed estates sector, Marion becomes the region’s key point of contact for the integrated provision of Clydesdale’s services and support for this important part of the rural economy.

“Many landed estates draw income from a broad range of sources, a fact which means they require an equally broad provision of financial services and support if they’re to fulfil their potential,” Marion said.

“Typical activities for such businesses can include agricultural and land-use developments, residential and commercial projects, retail outlets, tourism and capital planning, plus additional aspects of asset management and personal finance.

“Being well supported in only some of these areas is clearly not enough. Modern businesses require a fully integrated financial structure in which all the boxes are ticked to the highest level of financial expertise. Having successfully delivered integrated financial solutions for many farming and rural businesses, we believe we can now bring similar ‘joined-up’ benefits to the landed estates sector.” 

Marion is already an established business partner, based at Clydesdale’s Financial Solutions Centre in Ayr. A farmer’s daughter with a good practical knowledge of farming and rural business requirements, she began her career with Clydesdale in Ayrshire in 1981, then spent seven years in the bank’s Glasgow headquarters (1994-2001) before returning to Ayrshire as a specialist business partner six years ago.

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