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The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Fame Publicity gets business stories
speedy top search engine ranking

TOP public relations consultancy Fame Publicity Services says it can get clients’ business news stories onto the top page of leading search engines in double quick time - often in a couple of hours.

Murdoch MacDonald set up Fame Publicity in 2003 having spent 30 years in the public relations profession, and he has been dubbed by one leading newspaper as the grandfather of the PR industry in Scotland.

Murdoch claims that the days of companies having to wait for their latest news to appear in newspapers or trade magazines are over. “In our 24-hour news culture, businesses want instant results, and this is what Fame Publicity can give them.

“In Scotland, outside Edinburgh and Glasgow, even successful businesses can find it difficult to get the press publicity that their achievements deserve and need - if success is to breed success, then that success requires to be reported and broadcast as widely and as quickly as possible.

“That is why here at Fame Publicity we have begun to turn the emphasis of our activities away from the traditional media and towards the Internet. We still issue and distribute conventional press releases on behalf of our clients, but the bulk of our effort goes into getting them instant exposure online.”

This doesn’t mean posting the business news story on the company’s own website, which is unlikely to have any significant effect. What Fame Publicity does is to use well tried and tested techniques to get the story on the top page of Google and other major search engines, where it cannot fail to be seen by the company’s potential customers.

And speed is of the essence. Fame Publicity aims to achieve the desired results within 24 hours, often in a couple of hours.

Not surprisingly, Murdoch MacDonald is unwilling to divulge exactly what these techniques are. There is no magic formula, he says. The armoury of techniques has been gradually and painstakingly assembled over a number of years, and will continue to develop in parallel with the sophistication of search engines and the Internet itself.

The cost is not excessive, even compared with conventional PR aimed at the traditional media. Fame is currently offering its Internet-oriented service plus distribution to the traditional media for £295 (US$595), less than other PR companies charge for putting out press releases just to press, TV and radio.

Murdoch MacDonald has been in the public relations industry and a freelance journalist and broadcaster for more than thirty years, working for clients including Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard Life, Scottish Amicable, Scottish Provident, John Menzies, Kwik-Fit, Highland Regional Council, Barratt Homes and Scottish & Universal Newspapers, part of the Trinity Mirror Group.

A graduate of Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, Murdoch is no newcomer either to the allied professions of freelance journalism and broadcasting.

At the start of his career, for 18 months he produced, edited and presented a family finance radio programme called £s, Pence and Sense for Radio Forth, the independent local radio station serving Edinburgh and East Central Scotland, and also made contributions of a similar nature to BBC Radio Scotland.

Subsequently he was the roving reporter in a six-part series of a television financial advice programme called Moneywise, produced and networked throughout the UK by Scottish Television.

For several years, he also wrote his own regular monthly by-lined full-page article for Business Scotland magazine, at that time the best-known and most prestigious business periodical in Scotland. He took over the feature page previously written by Magnus Magnusson, who went on to present Mastermind on BBC Television.

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