The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Entrepreneur markets bicycle trailers
to British and French postal services

BEING an entrepreneur who designs ways of making carrying loads on bicycles easier, it is perhaps no surprise that Nick Lobnitz ‘travels light’ when it comes to running his own business.

[Picture shows Nick Lobnitz of Stewarton, Ayrshire.]

His four year-old business Carry Freedom has yet to take on staff, despite his bike trailers being bought throughout the world. Nick’s trailer designs hook on to the back of any bicycle, for most types of load, including shopping.

It could all change, however, should negotiations with Royal Mail conclude successfully, plus those with its French counterpart.

How it has worked thus far is that Nick designs the trailers and sets up their manufacture - in Taiwan - and then a network of distributors, including in the USA and South Korea, buy direct from the manufacturers, with Nick taking a cut of each sale.

Currently, the Royal Mail are road-testing a number of Nick’s trailer designs, including in tandem with proposed electric-powered bikes. Talks with the Royal Mail’s French equivalent began more recently, and, thus far, there’s one prototype being tested.

The Royal Mail prototype is so versatile, it can attached to a bike or pushed on its own as a trolley. The French prototype is three-times the size, for a different type of bike than would be used in the UK.

Not surprisingly, Nick’s background is in mechanical engineering. Since he was a child, he’s been fascinated by bicycles and bicycle design.

He says: “The French postal service came to me, about my designs - which is very encouraging, as you can imagine. Should things take off with the Royal Mail, I will have to take on some staff, simply because the numbers would be huge. Staff would be needed to service the contract properly.”

On his website, he even boasts: “We can design build and adapt trailers to do anything, from longer handles to carry Kayaks through to fleets of refrigerated sandwich delivery trailers.”

Stewarton-based Nick is even in the throes of designing a bike that would not only be a perfect fit for one of his trailers, but totally maintenance-free for at least ten years.

Carry Freedom
High Clunch Farm

Telephone: UK: 0845 456 0928

INT: +44(0)1560 600 369

Skype: n_lobnitz



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