The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Saturday, 1 December 2007

First zero carbon homes in Scotland to be built in Ayrshire

PLANS to build the first Scottish sustainable homes to zero carbon standard have been unveiled.

A consortium of EcoPlus Homes, Sustainable Homes Scotland (SHS), Formworks UK and SIPS Industries can now confirm that they have a site in Ayrshire where they are ready to begin building as soon as Spring 2008 the first zero carbon homes to a design prototype they have been testing.

The development involves an investment of £50 million, and will create 150 new jobs in East Ayrshire.


The homes will be built in Galston, East Ayrshire, at a site (pictured above) owned by Allseasons at the Meadows, an ecological tourism development.

Stephen Huber commercial director of SHS, a networking platform who organised the first Scottish Zero Carbon Housing Conference in Edinburgh, said: “We are excited to see this sustainable project coming together. We want to take all aspects of sustainability into account, and utilise the experience in highly energy-efficient buildings that has been gained over the last 15 years in Europe. The sustainable dimension of the project is unprecedented in its scale and dimension in this country, and will serve as a showcase for zero carbon housing in the UK and the whole world. We want to bring Scotland to the forefront of sustainable housing, as many other countries in Europe are many years of experience ahead.

[Artist's impression of the new development. CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW FULL-SIZE VERSION]

Attended by members of the Scottish Government, prominent housebuilding bodies and industry professionals across Scotland, the Scottish Zero Carbon Housing Conference was well received and shed light on the various aspects of sustainable and zero carbon housing.

One approach that has been tested for years in Austria, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland is the Passive House concept. It is a voluntary building standard that exceeds the present regulations. Built according to this standard, the need for heating will be reduced by 90%. Compared to conventional build, which has an average heating demand of 150kWh/m2a, these homes need only 15kWh/m2a.The remaining heating and hot water demand can be covered almost completely by renewable energies. Zero Carbon Housing will be achieved by additionally reducing the electricity demand and alternative means of supply.

Eco Plus Homes are based in Edinburgh and specialise in highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly housing. Thomas Froehlich, technical director of EcoPlus Homes comments: “The site, beautifully situated around a lake, is the ideal place for us to commence such a development. With the commercial application of highly energy-efficient housing, we want to show that ecology and economy can go together.”

Allseasons at the Meadows is an ecological tourism development based at Galston, East Ayrshire. The site has been created as a nature reserve by the owners of the company Andrew (pictured above) and Jennifer Malcolm, and the land and 25 acre loch are home to many types of wildlife and endemic and migratory birdlife.

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