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The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Friday, 14 September 2007

Ayrshire authors review “Addiction-
Proof Your Child” by Stanton Peele

[The following review of Dr Stanton Peele’s new book “Addiction-Proof Your Child” is by Murdoch and Lilian MacDonald from Ayrshire, Scotland, authors of “Phoenix in a Bottle”, an account of their own recovery from alcoholism.]

Dr Stanton Peele’s new book “Addiction-Proof Your Child” is a concise and commonsense piece of work that does exactly what the title suggests, and gives parents a comprehensive guide to ensure their offspring never fall victim to drug and other addictions, including alcoholism.

At the same time, the book provides valuable advice on how best to help a child who is already an addict or who is showing signs of dependency.

Although he claims at the outset that his book is not revolutionary, Dr Peele starts off by saying that we should disregard much of what we are told about addiction and its treatment by governments, the media and even some elements of the medical profession itself.

Reiterating what he has argued in previous books, the author points out that addiction can take many forms, and need not be to a substance, citing the examples of shopping, gambling, love and sex.

He goes on to deride the idea that addiction is an illness or a disease, or that it is any kind of biological phenomenon beyond our control, or that it has any genetic causation.

Addicts do not have a problem with heroin or with alcohol, Dr Peele says, they have a problem with life.

He explains: “People become addicted to experiences that protect them from life challenges that they can’t deal with.”

Not only should we not treat addiction as if it were a disease, neither should we treat it as a crime.

Stanton Peele points out that alcohol and drugs are always going to be available regardless of what society may do, and young people are always going to be prone to experiment with them.

However, the good news is that drug use rarely leads to drug addiction, any more so than taking a drink leads to alcoholism.

Moreover, of those people who do become dependent, the vast majority mature out of their addiction of their own volition as their life moves on.

So parents should think twice before rushing children with a drug or alcohol problem into treatment, since surveys have proved that people undergoing such treatments, particularly those based upon the 12-Step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous, fare no better, or even not so well as those who undertake to change their behaviour with no outside assistance whatsoever.

What Stanton Peele says parents can and should do is to encourage this natural maturing process by instilling their children with positive values and a responsible attitude about themselves and their place in society.

He says: “What kids need to protect them from addiction are the fundamentals of a life: a sense of meaning and involvement, purposeful activity and achievement, caring about themselves and others, and the ability to manage themselves.”

Stanton Peele goes on: “My approach includes recognising that addiction is not limited to drugs, that people overcome addiction when they are motivated and when their lives improve, and that successful therapy for addiction builds on people’s own motivation to change, while teaching them better ways of coping.”

Dr Peele argues that such an approach depends for success upon giving children self-efficacy, a firm belief that they hold their destiny in their own hands.

This is in stark contrast to the 12-Step programme, which is based upon the false assumption that an addict is powerless against an incurable lifelong disease.

As Dr Peele says: “Learning to assume adult responsibilities does not mesh well with admitting powerlessness.”

“No experience, including addiction, is beyond human beings’ control. People are most likely to escape addiction when their values contradict continued addiction, and when they believe they can escape it.”

Stanton Peele’s book provides much more detailed advice about how parents can deal with offspring’s addiction, and (even more importantly) how to avoid it happening in the first place.

It claims to say little that is new, but rather to reassert some good old-fashioned traditional virtues and values.

“Addiction-Proof Your Child” is nevertheless an urgent and much-needed wake-up call to all parents, to the medical profession, and to governments both here in the UK as well as in Stanton Peele’s native America.

Stanton Peele’s website:

“Addiction-Proof Your Child” by Stanton Peele PhD JD is published by Crown Publishing Group, Division of Random House Inc, price $14.95 (£7.39). ISBN 978-0307237576.

Murdoch and Lilian MacDonald
Ayrshire, Scotland.

Murdoch and Lilian MacDonald are the authors of “Phoenix in a Bottle”, an account of how they themselves reconstructed their own lives after many years of chronic alcoholism.

Murdoch and Lilian’s website:

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PR-GB I-Newswire 24/7
From Redundant Workers to High Flying Trainees

A group of Ayrshire trainees are making a flying start to their new careers after successfully completing a National Certificate (NC) in Aeronautical Engineering.

Picture shows: back row left to right: Jack Perrins, James McKee, Robert Gallacher, Craig Paterson, Barry Graham. Front row: Peter Baird, Ross Clezy, John Chilton.

The trainees - many of them ex-Simclar workers who were made redundant by the firm earlier this year - expect to gain employment within Ayrshire's thriving aerospace sector. In fact, some have already gained employment with Ryanair's maintenance division at Prestwick Airport.

Twelve candidates from across Ayrshire have completed the James Watt College course which provides excellent foundation training for entry into the industry, specifically the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) area. The MRO sector is worth more than £812 million in aerospace sales in Scotland alone.

Ryanair (Prestwick Aircraft Maintenance Ltd) is guaranteeing a job interview to every candidate successfully completing the course and there are a number of vacancies available at the Prestwick site. Other employers are also keen to take advantage of their new skills.

The trainees were supported by the Ayrshire Redundancy Response Partnership, which worked with them to identify their re-training needs following Ayrshire's large scale redundancies. They accessed the course through Training for Work, a Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire programme that aims to get unemployed adults back into the workplace.

Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire operations director Evelyn McCann said: "The establishment of a strong, vibrant aerospace sector based around Prestwick Airport is one of Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire's key strategies. An important element of the strategy is the availability of a workforce with the correct skills and this training course is vital in ensuring that employers have access to the appropriately skilled people.

"The trainees have turned the disappointment and shock of redundancy into an opportunity to re-train in one of Ayrshire's most successful sectors and I wish them luck with their future careers."

James Watt College training programmes officer Gordon Stewardson said: "We first piloted this programme in 2003 and its success has led to more than 28 trainees successfully gaining employment within the aerospace sector, with more going onto employment elsewhere in Ayrshire.

"The course includes five weeks of practical training at our simulated hangar in Port Glasgow and candidates successfully completing the programme will have gained the skills necessary to begin type specific training with a company in the MRO sector. There are excellent career opportunities in the field of aeronautical engineering and we will now work with the group to help them to secure employment."

The NC in Aeronautical Engineering includes training in Avionics, Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Fundamentals, Basic Aerodynamics, Aviation Legislation, Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Gas Turbine Engines, Practical Sheet Metal Working, Health and Safety at Work, Engineering Communication and Basic Computer Skills.

In 2006, James Watt College in partnership with Prestwick Aircraft Maintenance Ltd and Scottish Enterprise won a National Training Award for outstanding achievement in the delivery of this Training for Work programme.

The Ayrshire Redundancy Response Partnership is led by Jobcentre Plus and comprises representatives from Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire, the three local authorities, Careers Scotland, Business Gateway, HM Revenue and Customs and the Scottish Trades Union Congress. Its work is supported by a number of other organisations including training providers, local colleges, the Citizens Advice Bureau and employers.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

New Posterplus business Ads4cars offers
vehicle branding and advertising service

THE UK’s largest supplier of inflatable advertising billboards and Adtowers is soaring ahead with its latest expansion and diversification plans.

Based in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Posterplus Media Group have developed their new company, ads4cars, which offers an all inclusive, alternative approach to the vehicle branding and taxi advertising industry.

Managing director Gavin Hollywood said: “ads4cars is our in-house vehicle graphic, design and print business.

“We invested £40k purchasing printing machinery in order to offer the service as a bolt-on to our existing customer base.

“Within the last three months we have expanded again and employed a sales executive selling trade graphics around Ayrshire and Glasgow.

“We have started work for Arnold Clark in Kilmarnock & Prestwick, Parks of Ayr, Alistair Fleming Ayr, Evans Halshaw Ardrossan along with many other local companies such as Smillie & Cuthbertson in Kilmarnock where we designed a new brand logo and fitted new vehicles with modern digital print vinyls.

“A highly visible liveried taxi is ideal for creating huge stand-out on the high street and offers the facility to reach a diverse vehicular and pedestrian audience that will assist with promoting and building a company’s brand awareness.”

Posterplus was established in early 2002 as an independent media owner operating across the UK offering new and unique outdoor advertising formats.

Posterplus are the largest media owner of inflatable billboards in the country. Its full service includes the hire of its formats, delivery, installation, supervision, power, daily on-site cleaning, campaign reports with digital photographs and full public liability insurance.