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The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Murdoch MacDonald tables vote of thanks to Magdalene College Cambridge

AYRSHIRE public relations consultant Murdoch MacDonald recently returned to his alma mater - Magdalene College, Cambridge University - forty years after he graduated there.

[Pictured: Magdalene College, Cambridge University, view from the Pepys Library building. CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD FULL-SIZE VERSION]

Murdoch was accompanied by John Quinton, chairman, and Sandy Cunningham, managing director respectively of one of his PR client companies, building contractors William Skinner & Son, based at St Quivox on the perimeter of Glasgow Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire.

[Pictured: First Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge University.]

The purpose of the visit was to present to Magdalene College a dining table to mark and celebrate the official opening of William Skinner & Son’s new Southern Office in Meldreth near Cambridge.

[Pictured: Magdalene College from the River Cam.]

Managing director of PR firm Fame Publicity Services Murdoch MacDonald said: “Forty years ago this week I was just starting my last term at Magdalene College. In spite of the passage of time, my memories of that period remain forever fresh, as it was a very special time, and one for which I am grateful to the College and to the people in it.

“So I was glad of the opportunity to mark my appreciation in a small way.

“Working in the field of public relations, one of my favourite clients in recent years has been William Skinner & Son, a company (like Magdalene) firmly rooted in traditional virtues and values, but also one that is (like Magdalene) enterprising, innovative and forward-looking.

“When Skinners asked me to come up with an idea of a way in which to mark the opening of their new Southern Office premises, I suggested that they should craft a piece of traditional furniture for Magdalene, and I hope that the result is acceptable to the Master and the Fellows.”

[Pictured at the table presentation, left to right: Reverend James Rigney, Chaplain of Magdalene College and Director of Studies in Theology and Religious Studies: William Skinner & Son chairman John Quinton and managing director Sandy Cunningham; Magdalene College Domus Bursar Peter Daybell; Master of Magdalene College Duncan Robinson; Dr Carl Watkins, Joint Director of Studies and University Lecturer in History; and Fame Publicity Services and Elite Ayrshire Business Circle managing director Murdoch MacDonald.]

William Skinner & Son’s chairman John Quinton said: “The design is a double drop leaf gate leg with tapered legs and a narrow centre section, to minimise the space needed for storage. The colour of the table is Jacobean oak and it is finished with beeswax.”

The table was crafted out of oak by traditional methods in William Skinner & Son’s joinery workshops in Ayrshire and Cambridge. It will be housed in a private dining room adjacent to the Fellows’ Combination Room at Magdalene College.

Master of Magdalene College Duncan Robinson said: “We are extremely grateful to William Skinner & Son for making a table which will, I am sure, stand the test of time, and to Murdoch for his initiative in arranging this presentation.”

Willian Skinner & Son managing director Sandy Cunningham concluded: “We are delighted to present this hand-crafted oak dining table to the Master and Fellows of Magdalene College in order to mark the opening of our new Southern Office premises near Cambridge.

“William Skinner & Son is now expanding satisfactorily on all fronts from our headquarters in Ayrshire and our new base in south-east England. We are traditional building contractors who have developed a diverse range of untraditional new skills, and we want potential clients in England and in Scotland to be aware of the comprehensive building skills and experience that we offer.”

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