The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Provost Sloan visits ‘Inside Out Garden’ at Ayr Flower Show

SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL Provost Winifred Sloan visited a show garden at Ayr Flower Show that was specially designed to illustrate how easy it is to home compost both garden and household waste.

The creation known as the ‘Inside Out Garden ‘was designed and built by the home compost team at Waste Aware Scotland. The garden works on the basis of placing ’interior’ rooms directly into a garden setting, showing people they can easily compost garden and household waste at home. The resultant compost is a key ingredient in sustaining a healthy garden while helping reduce the amount of waste which ends up in landfill sites.

Provost Sloan (pictured above) said: “Composting household waste has never been easier. There are many containers of different sizes available, so everyone could quite easily fit one into their garden. It’s quick, easy and convenient just to pop items suitable for composting into a container and leave them to work their magic. The end result is some wonderful free compost that can be used to enhance your garden. I think the Inside Out Garden is a fun display that will attract lots of people and hopefully encourage many other residents to start home composting.”

Visitors to the ‘Inside Out Garden’ were able to see a kitchen area complete with a turfed worktop and shelves crammed full of herbs. The ‘kitchen’ features home-compostable waste such as vegetable peelings, eggshells, kitchen roll, fruit peelings, cereal packets, tea bags and coffee grounds.

There was also a bedroom area with a ‘flower bed’ with a turf quilt and two standard bay trees mimicking bedside lamps. A living room area featured a turf chair and a planted rug. Compostable materials featured in these rooms included natural-fibre clothing, facial tissues, cardboard boxes, unwanted mail and pet bedding.

During its residence at the Ayr Flower Show, members of the Waste Aware Scotland home compost team were on hand to offer visitors advice on the environmental benefits of home composting. Surrounding the entire show garden was a frame on which was written all the items that can be composted, and there was also lots of advice on how to make good use of compost in the garden.

For information and advice on home composting visit: or call the Home Composting Helpline on 0845 600 0323 or e-mail

Compost bins can be ordered via the Waste Aware Scotland website or by calling the order line on 0845 077 0756.

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