The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Friday, 17 October 2008

Fouters Restaurant in Ayr is awarded its second AA rosette

FOR more than 30 years a jewel in Ayrshire’s culinary crown, Fouters Restaurant in Ayr has now gained further well deserved recognition with the award of its second rosette from the Automobile Association (AA).

According to the AA’s website, this means that Fouters has been upgraded from “excellent restaurant that stands out in its local area. The food is prepared with care, understanding and skill, using good-quality ingredients” to one of “the best local restaurants, offering higher standards and better consistency. Greater precision is apparent in the cooking, and there is obvious attention to the quality and selection of ingredients.”

The proprietor of Fouters Restaurant is Ayr businessman Barry Rooney, who commented this week: “Our second AA rosette acknowledges the excellence of our hardworking kitchen and front of house team. Together we will continue to strive to improve still further the fine dining experience of our discerning clientele.”

Fouters Restaurant is a landmark in Ayr, an idiosyncratically romantic downstairs restaurant on a side street just off Sandgate. Set in the vaulted cellars of an 18th century bank, one of Ayr’s oldest buildings, the dining rooms retain the natural stone walls and slated floors from the past as well as the historic bank counter as the bar, all brightened with vibrant art works and the warmth of the atmosphere.

Originally established in 1977 and long renowned for quality food, since November 2006 Fouters’ award winning food has been prepared with care and attention by Barry Rooney’s small, very professional kitchen team, with a real passion for quality food. Their culinary skills, complemented by the team’s professional expertise and knowledge of food and wine, present the best of good food in Ayr with a philosophy of keeping flavours clean and simple to allow quality ingredients to shine.

Fouters’ next door neighbour for many decades was the famous wine merchant Whighams of Ayr – spearheaded by Ian Cumming – now the Ayrshire home of leading international fine wine merchants Corney and Barrow – ensuring a continuous supply of top quality wines at the restaurant, carefully and expertly chosen, ready for drinking, from all over the world.

Barry Rooney concludes: “We passionately believe in our food at Fouters. We also know that food alone is not the only reason why people enjoy a memorable dining experience so it's important to us that everything is done right and to the best of our ability. You need to feel good to enjoy a great dining experience to the full and we are sure that our delightful, informal, stylish yet easy friendly atmosphere and ambience will help make your whole dining experience complete.

“We believe in our classic Scottish culinary product – complex twists and novelties too often distract from the final dish so we tend to avoid them.

“And our restaurant is all about making people welcome, comfortable and feeling at ease.”

Fouters Restaurant
2A Academy Street
Ayr KA7 1HS

Tel: (01292) 261391


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