The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

South Ayrshire Council joins Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL is the newest member of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle, an association formed last year whose membership is made up of some of the premier companies in Ayrshire.

The latest breakfast meeting of the Circle was held within the County Buildings in Ayr today Tuesday 9 December 2008.

[Pictured (left to right): Lesley Cannon, Enterprise Manager, South Ayrshire Council; Norman Geddes, senior partner at Frazer Coogans Solicitors and Executive Chairman of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle; Provost Winifred Sloan, Nick Larkin, Head of Enterprise and Property, South Ayrshire Council; Murdoch MacDonald, CEO of Fame Publicity Services and managing director of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle; and Councillor Bill McIntosh, Resources and Performance Portfolio Carrier, South Ayrshire Council. CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD FULL-SIZE VERSION.]

Members of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle were welcomed by South Ayrshire Provost Winifred Sloan who said: “The membership of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle reflects the outstanding talents of business people in the south west of Scotland and the innovative way in which they approach business matters.

“The Council supports businesses in South Ayrshire, offering a range of advice and guidance. Becoming a member of the Circle will bring the Council and local businesses even closer and mean that together we can work for the benefit of the people of South Ayrshire and Scotland.

“I am pleased to be forging closer ties with the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle and would like to thank Councillor Margaret Toner for all the support she has given the association.”

Several Officers of the Council gave presentations at the meeting on a range of topics specially selected that would be of interest to the delegates including:

1. Enterprise Strategy and Structure.
2. Enterprise Service.
3. Supplier Development Programme.
4. Sustainability Support.
5. New Planning Legislation and National Planning Framework II.

There then followed a question and discussion session.

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle Executive Chairman Norman Geddes said: “I am delighted to welcome South Ayrshire Council as members of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle.

“We have already enjoyed great support from Provost Winifred Sloan and other prominent Council members, and the interest in local business being shown by the Council is most welcome.

“The support of our local authority means a great deal to our members, and we all look forward to working together for the benefit of the South Ayrshire business community.”


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