The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Friday, 13 June 2008

Hellman takes the reins importing
horses at Glasgow Prestwick Airport

WORKING in conjunction with the owners of Ayrshire's Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Infratil Airports, the Prestwick division of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been building on its success in the handling of horses imported into the UK.

In fact, Hellmann Prestwick has developed such a hassle-free and thriving service for importers that it is now looking set to be rolled out across Hellmann Worldwide Logistics UK.

The international equestrian industry is big business, especially when it comes to importing and exporting animals for trade, pleasure and major sporting events such as racing, dressage, show jumping and eventing.

With the UK being a major influence in this industry, imports into the country are high. However with only four Equine Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) equipped to handle the arrival of horses into the UK, the market is highly competitive.

The equine BIP at Prestwick is also the only one based in the north of the UK. As a result, it is seeing a rise in horses being imported, in particular from the USA.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Prestwick branch manager David Yeamans explained: “We have found that many of our customers use Prestwick as an alternative to other equine BIP locations such as Stansted, as it is less congested, both in the air and on the ground, This means there are rarely any delays, which in turn makes Glasgow Prestwick a more cost-effective solution for customers.”

Over the years, Hellmann has gained a high level of expertise and experience in dealing with equine imports and now manages approximately 90 percent of imports that come through the Glasgow Prestwick equine BIP. This has enabled the logistics firm to create strong working relationships with the US exporters, with shippers, and most importantly, with the UK importers. The overriding benefit is that Hellmann can handle all Customs and Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) regulations from the Prestwick office, which reduces any additional expense for the importer.

Furthermore, Hellmann has introduced added value services to the product as David Yeamans continued: “We make contact with the shipper and keep the UK importer fully updated on flight times, costs and other important information that they may require. This means that the customer doesn’t have to worry about paperwork or calling airlines for updates. We can also organise horse transportation for customers unable to collect animals from the airport. We have found that importers really appreciate this trouble free experience.”

Now Hellmann, alongside Infratil Airports, is looking to build on this success with plans to develop an equine BIP facility at Kent International Airport, which is also owned by Infratil, on the table.

Infratil Airports group manager freight development Nico Le Roux explained: “We have approached Hellmann Prestwick to manage the proposed equine BIP at Kent International due to the expertise it has shown in handling the Prestwick operations and due to the exceptional relationships it has within the equine industry. It means that Hellmann Prestwick would have 100 per cent control of the Kent equine BIP and provide the same high standards of service that it currently provides in Prestwick.”

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics UK managing director Martin Meyer concluded: “The fact that Hellmann Prestwick has been offered such a great opportunity is testament to the hard work and dedication we bring to any project, in particular the specialist products we provide such as fashion and automotive. The equine product has the potential to be another string to our bow, and we are very excited by what could unfold as a result of Prestwick’s dedication to this service.”

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is one of the largest privately owned and family run logistical global networks, currently employing over 16,500 dedicated people to serve customers worldwide – and operates from 443 branches across 157 countries.

Hellmann’s UK network has 10 individual offices based throughout the country including state of the art corporate headquarters at Fradley Park in Lichfield, Staffordshire.


Hellmann Worldwide Logistics UK

Glasgow Prestwick Airport

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“The Casino”, Portomaso, Malta, selects
Visimetrics digital video surveillance recorders

By: Craig Howie

FOLLOWING an intensive product evaluation, Visimetrics FASTAR range of Digital Video Recorders have been installed in “The Casino” at Portomaso, Malta.

Forming the core of the surveillance system designed by casino integrator, Correct Termination, FASTAR records all video and audio content for both gaming and non-gaming surveillance.

The solution utilises FASTAR’s flexibility of storage modes. All gaming cameras are recorded by FASTAR Encoders with data being streamed to external network attached storage systems for full data redundancy via RAID5 configurations. Non-gaming cameras are recorded to the internal disks of each FASTAR Server providing an optimum storage solution to achieve the required quality and recording period.

FASTAR uses the highly robust Linux operating system to provide up to 8 channels of Video and Audio Recording within a 1U high physical footprint. Individual quality settings per channel ensure a fully refined system based on the scene activity of each camera. Image export when required can also include transfer of footage to Movie DVD, playable in any entry level DVD player.

“The Casino” is the premier gaming location on the island of Malta. Owned and operated by the Tumas Group, Malta’s foremost investor in the hospitality and leisure sector, “The Casino” forms an integral part of the inspiring waterfront development of Portomaso.

Link: "The Casino" at Portomaso, Malta.

About Visimetrics (UK) Ltd

Visimetrics (UK) Ltd based in Ayrshire, Scotland, specialises in the development, manufacture, distribution and marketing of high-performance digital systems for CCTV and Video Surveillance. Visimetrics has gained a significant reputation for providing leading edge security solutions backed by a world class quality and service culture.

For more information:

Visimetrics (UK) Ltd
Skye House
Skye Road
Prestwick KA9 2TA
Ayrshire, Scotland

Contact: Barry Rooney
Tel: +44 (0)1292 673770
Fax: +44 (0)1292 677990

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Thursday, 12 June 2008

South Ayrshire Council ensures petrol
pumps give motorists fair measure

WITH the cost of fuel causing so much concern, South Ayrshire Trading Standards is reassuring motorists that they are getting fair measure when they fill up locally. Soaring petrol prices are a concern for most drivers at the moment, with the cost of fuel having risen by about 20p per litre in the past year. So how do customers know that the amount of fuel they are paying for is correct and that they are not receiving short measure?

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council Trading Standards said: “We have seen a rise in the number of complaints about petrol and diesel pumps coinciding with the sharp rise in fuel prices. People now are more likely to complain about pumps that seem to run slowly or stutter, for example, as they fear it is a sign of short measure.

“Over the past year Officers have visited every petrol site within the South Ayrshire area to ensure they are operating safely. During these visits we also carry out a series of tests using accurate measures to ensure the pump delivers within a tight tolerance under a variety of conditions. We can assure consumers that no major problems have been found with the accuracy of the petrol pumps. Whilst it is not unknown for a pump to develop a fault resulting in short measure being given, this is not as common as it once was due to the superior technology now in use.”

Councillor Peter Convery, who is responsible for Trading Standards issues within South Ayrshire said: “With fuel prices so high, it’s natural that drivers want to make sure that that they are getting their money’s worth. Last year, with the agreement of local petrol stations, Trading Standards introduced a scheme whereby the public would know that the pump had been checked and passed for accuracy by testing the equipment and attaching a testing certificate sticker to the side of pumps. Most petrol pumps should now have these stickers, but if consumers suspect that they have received a short measure of fuel they should take a note of the pump number and the grade of fuel they have bought, keep their receipt and then contact Trading Standards on the number below.”

If anyone does have an issue that they wish Trading Standards to investigate they can visit them at 5 - 7 River Terrace, Ayr or telephone 01292 616403.

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Provost accepts statue from University of the West of Scotland

SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL Provost Winifred Sloan has accepted a statue, on behalf of the Council, from the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) at a ceremony within the County Buildings. The statue was commissioned by the University to mark its inauguration last year.

[Pictured with the ‘Coila’ statue are (left to right) Graham Peter, Depute Chief Executive and Director of Development, Safety and Education, South Ayrshire Council, Councillor Margaret Toner, Depute Leader of the Council and Portfolio Carrier for Community Services, Professor Seamus McDaid, Principal and Vice Chancellor of University of the West of Scotland, Provost Winifred Sloan, Alexander Stoddart, Sculptor and Councillor Nan McFarlane, Leader of the SNP Group. CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD FULL-SIZE VERSION.]

UWS was formed following the merger between the University of Paisley and Bell College, who jointly have over 100 years of educational experience. The University has campuses in Ayr, Dumfries, Hamilton and Paisley and has more than 19,500 students.

Professor Seamus McDaid presented the statue to Provost Sloan, who accepted it on behalf of the Council. Provost Sloan said: “For many years the Council has had very strong connections with the University of Paisley.

“The formation of the University of the West of Scotland is an important development in education terms. The careers and indeed the lives of local, national and international students are shaped during their time at the University. The education they receive and the social interaction they experience provides them with skills that will stand them in good stead in later life.”

The statue was created by Scots sculptor Alexander Stoddart who is known for his works internationally. The sculptor wanted to create something to reflect the spirit of the four campus University and their ambitions for the future. He decided to produce a small statue of ‘Coila’, Robert Burns’ muse from his poem ‘The Vision.’ In the poem Coila acts as Burns’ inspiration and drives him on according to his true nature and vocation.

Professor Seamus McDaid, Principal and Vice Chancellor of University of the West of Scotland, said: “The presentation of this statue to South Ayrshire Council highlights the special importance the University places not only on its Ayr Campus, but on its relationship with South Ayrshire Council.

“This is a hugely exciting time in the University’s development, and we are committed to making a significant and lasting contribution to the delivery of higher education in Ayrshire.”

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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

“Pedal the Ports” on its way to Ayr and Troon

PEDAL THE PORTS, the 1,600-mile tandem relay organised by Associated British Ports (ABP) to support sufferers of motor neurone disease (MND), began last week at the Port of Grimsby.

Megan and Mark Palmer, the children of Nick Palmer - formerly ABP Port Director of Grimsby & Immingham and the inspiration for Pedal the Ports as he himself is suffering from MND - rode the bike from Grimsby’s famous Dock Tower on the fundraiser’s inaugural leg.

[Pictured, left to right, Pedal the Ports fundraisers Mark Palmer, Megan Palmer, Nick Palmer and John Fitzgerald, ABP Port Director, Grimsby & Immingham. CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD FULL-SIZE VERSION].

From Grimsby, the tandem headed to ABP’s Ports of Immingham, Hull and then Goole. It was set to continue its journey around ABP’s 21 ports, to Troon, Ayr, Silloth, Barrow, Fleetwood, Garston, Swansea, Port Talbot, Barry, Cardiff, Newport, Plymouth, Teignmouth, Southampton, Ipswich, Lowestoft and King’s Lynn, before arriving back in Grimsby on Saturday 5 July, where a celebratory port-community open day will take place.

The tandem will arrive at the Port of Ayr, via Troon, on Thursday 10 June.

John Fitzgerald, ABP Port Director, Grimsby & Immingham, said: “After six months of planning and fundraising, it was brilliant to see the tandem leave Grimsby this morning on the first leg of its epic journey. We have already had a huge amount of generous support from our employees, customers and friends, but the bike still has a long way to go and there are many challenges yet to face. Having Megan and Mark as the bike’s first riders obviously added another element to what was, in itself, an emotional and very memorable event for the staff at Grimsby & Immingham, who worked with Nick and wish him well.”

He added: “MND has no cure and scientists are not yet sure why it strikes, which is why we need to support research into this dreadful disease.“

ABP has received a great deal of support from its customers in its efforts to raise funds. Graypen/GP Shipping, a provider of tanker-agency and port-agency services with 15 offices at different ABP ports, has donated £21,000 to the fundraiser (£1,000 for each of ABP’s ports). The company’s managing director, Nick Cutsforth, handed the cheque over this morning before the bike left Grimsby.

Throughout June, a blog, featuring the stories and reflections of those taking part in Pedal the Ports, will be posted at

Associated British Ports (ABP) is the UK's largest and leading ports group.

ABP's 21 ports, together with the other transport-related businesses that constitute the ABP Group, form a UK-wide network capable of handling every conceivable type of cargo. ABP is backed by investment in modern facilities and equipment, and supported by experienced staff.

The Group's activities cover transport, haulage and terminal operations, ship's agency, dredging and marine consultancy. Each port also offers a well-established community of port-service providers.

The Port of Ayr (pictured above), renowned for its flexible working practices, has recently become the port of choice for the handling of imported onshore-wind turbines (pictured below). Ayr’s operations team has considerable experience in handling a diverse range of cargoes.

Located on the west coast of Scotland close to Glasgow Prestwick Airport, the port benefits from excellent road and rail connections. Its position at the entrance to the Firth of Clyde makes the port an ideal choice for short-sea shipping to other Scottish ports, and the environmentally friendly timberLINK service provides an efficient alternative to road transportation.

The Port of Troon is well connected by an efficient trunk-road system to the motorways of Scotland and England and is one of the most sheltered harbours on the West Coast of Scotland. A major ferry port, Troon has two ro-ro terminals that serve daily freight and passenger fast-ferry services to Ireland.

The former Ailsa-Troon shipyard is now operated by ABP and provides two dry docks, a pier, large timber-reception and processing facility, and around 8,000 sq m of land for development. In addition, Troon’s proximity to major fishing waters makes it a naturally popular fishing port. Facilities provided at the port include a modern fish market and ice factory.

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"Save Energy in the Home" Calendar
Competition 2009 awards ceremony

SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL Provost Winifred Sloan presented the winners of the Energy Agency 2009 Calendar Competition Awards with prizes and the runners up with certificates at a ceremony within the County Buildings in Ayr.

[Provost Winifred Sloan with the award winners and runners-up. CICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD FULL-SIZE VERSION.]

The art competition is an annual event that is organised by the Energy Agency in conjunction with South Ayrshire Council primary schools. The theme of the competition is “Save Energy in the Home” and entrants are invited to produce a piece of artwork to reflect this message.

Provost Winifred Sloan said: “The artwork produced by the children is outstanding, it is colourful and sends out a clear message that it is important for all of us to save energy in our homes.

“All the children have put a lot of time and effort into creating their entries, and it is very clear that the young people are well informed about how to save energy and protect our environment. I would like to thank every child who entered the competition and congratulate the young artists who were runners up or prize winners.

“My Energy Agency calendar will be on display in my office during 2009 and I am sure that visitors to my office will enjoy looking at it.”

Thirteen winning entries have been selected, one for each month of the year and one for the front cover of the calendar. Courtesy of the Council each of these winners will be able to swim for free at one of the Council’s pools during the month of September.

Provost Sloan presented each winner and runner up with a certificate and an Energy Agency mug and recycleable bag of goodies.

The local Councillors who represent the area of the school that each winner or runner up attends were invited to the ceremony and the children presented each of them with a copy of the 2009 calendar.

Later this year the calendars will be distributed and displayed in a variety of public buildings and Council offices.


Amy Kerr: P7C Struthers Primary
Kirstie Cowan: P7C Struthers Primary
Jason Ross: P7C Struthers Primary
Olivia Riddle: P7C Struthers Primary
Amber Saunders: P6 Pinwherry Primary
Jodie Dunlop: P6 Braehead Primary
Zoe Blair: P7 Symington Primary
Rachel McDerment: P7 Symington Primary
Rebekah McGinn: P6/7 Doonfoot Primary
Emma Dunlop: P6 Whitletts Primary
Rachael Murray: P7B Ayr Grammar Primary
Rachael Nicholl: P6 Dundonald Primary
Georgie Andrews: P7 Dalmilling Primary


Jack Butchart: P7C Struthers Primary
Laurie Scott: P7C Struthers Primary
Faith Wylie: P6 Muirhead Community School
Ailidh Clark: P7 Symington Primary
Heather Dowie: P7 Cairn Primary
Hayley McCrorie: P7 Cairn Primary

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