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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Time stands still at Wallace Tower as repairs go forward

THE clock in the Wallace Tower in Ayr will temporarily stop working, due to the staircase leading to it being in need of urgent building work.

South Ayrshire Council’s Wallace Tower in Ayr High Street is a well known landmark. One of the great features of the building is the clock situated in the tower, which local people and visitors to the area regularly view to keep an eye on the time.

Following a survey report that has been carried out on the tower, the Council have been informed that the stairs leading up to the clock can no longer be used. The staircase requires building work to be carried out to bring it up to modern Health and Safety standards, and using it poses an unacceptable risk to Council staff..

On being informed of the results of the report Councillor Hugh Hunter, the Leader of the Council said: “A lot of people may not be aware, but the clock in the tower requires to be wound up manually every week. As the staircase leading to the clock mechanism cannot be used, the clock will wind down and stop working.

“Likewise access to put up or change a flag at the Wallace Tower is by using the staircase, so we will not be able to replace the flag in the meantime.

“Whilst it is disappointing that the clock will soon stop working, and that the flag cannot be changed, as the dangers of the staircase have now been brought to our attention it cannot be used.

“The safety of Council employees and others who carry out work at the tower is of paramount importance. One person injured would be one person too many.

“I am informing the public of this situation straight away so that they are aware of what is happening. As soon as there is any further news about the Wallace Tower clock, I will let the people of South Ayrshire know.”

Officers are currently looking into the situation with the tower staircase. In due course a report will be compiled and submitted to the relevant Council Panel for their consideration.

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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Former Ayrshire art deco town centre cinema building for sale

J&E Shepherd Chartered Surveyors is inviting offers in excess of £850k for a former art deco cinema in Prestwick representing a prime town centre development opportunity.

Located on a third of an acre site at 80 Main Street, Prestwick, a prominent location in the main retailing area of the town, the 7700 sq ft property is suited to a variety of uses subject to planning.

Markus Kroner, surveyor at Shepherd’s, said: “This unique development opportunity comprises a former cinema building designed in the art deco style dating back around 70 years with the front section formed over three storeys and with a large auditorium to the rear.

“Our clients own additional retail units adjacent to the premises and may consider including these within the subjects of sale at a price to be agreed.”

Car parking and delivery space is available to the rear of the premises.

J&E Shepherd, one of Scotland’s leading firms of chartered surveyors, valuers, property agents and managers, has been established for over 125 years and operates from a network of 28 offices throughout Scotland and over 75 locations throughout England and Wales. The firm offers a multi disciplinary property service to include valuation, sales and lettings, building surveying, rent reviews, development and investment consultancy, rating and property management.

For further information please contact Markus Kroner tel 01292 267987.

J&E Shepherd
Chartered Surveyors
2 Miller Road
AYR, Ayrshire

Telephone: 01292 267987
Fax: 01292 611521

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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Top Ayrshire printing company Kestrel Press
celebrates 35 successful years

A LEADING North Ayrshire company is bucking the current economic gloom by celebrating 35 years of successful trading.

Irvine-based printing company Kestrel Press was originally set up as a partnership in 1973, and was then incorporated in 1980.

[Pictured from left to right, the Kestrel Press sales team: Lauren Primrose. Graeme Ferguson, Colin McCallum (managing director), Richard Ramsden, Emily Gordon.]

Kestrel Press now operates from a prestigious modern 11,000 sq/ft office and factory on the South Newmoor Industrial Estate in Irvine.

From an initial base of commercial customers in the local and Glasgow area, Kestrel Press diversified into label and other production line printing.

Kestrel Press is now well established and enjoys a widespread reputation as bespoke quality colour and commercial printers and graphic designers.

Major clients over the years have included clothing manufacturers Levi Strauss & Co, Wrangler, Coats and pharmaceutical giant Glaxo SmithKline plc. Kestrel’s current customer base spreads across three sectors – local authorities, design agencies and direct with local businesses. The company supplies several of its customers with a stock holding facility to ensure continuous supply to multi-site operations.

Company policy is to meet or exceed its customers’ requirements all the time. This is summarised in the Kestrel Press motto “Putting our Promises in Print”. This policy has proved effective in securing an increasing level of new business whilst retaining a loyal customer base.

Kestrel Press is committed to continuous improvement in every area of its business and works closely with both customers and suppliers to ensure smooth operation of the supply chain. The company guarantees the quality of its products and services within a Total Quality Management system certified by BSi.

The company is conscious of and active in its responsibilities towards environmental management and health and safety regulations. Before it was fashionable, Kestrel Press was a “green” company, offering and using a range of recycled and FSC certified products.

Kestrel Press managing director Colin McCallum said: “Our strategy is one of controlled growth through niche marketing within target market sectors, combined with product and service development.

“We have major customers in sectors as diverse as clothing and textiles, electronics, engineering, transport, food and drink, pharmaceuticals and local government.

“The traditional printing market has gone, and a company like ours now needs to be able to react quickly to a variety of customers who want printed products quicker and cheaper. However, they need to realise that we are a manufacturing industry, and everything is made to order. Service is key in managing this process and is an area where we are continually trying to improve.

“In response to our customers’ needs, we have enhanced the range of design and production capabilities. We operate an effective Just-in-Time system linking customer schedules through to paper suppliers. We achieve rapid on-time delivery through a combination of express carriers and our own vehicles.”

Not only set fair to weather the current economic downturn, Kestrel Press looks likely to be embarking on another 35 years of successful trading and dynamic expansion.

Kestrel Press (Irvine) Ltd
25 Whittle Place
South Newmoor Industrial Estate
Irvine KA11 4HR
Ayrshire, Scotland

Contact: Graeme Ferguson
Telephone: 01294 222222
Fax: 01294 222219


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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

South Ayrshire Council joins Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL is the newest member of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle, an association formed last year whose membership is made up of some of the premier companies in Ayrshire.

The latest breakfast meeting of the Circle was held within the County Buildings in Ayr today Tuesday 9 December 2008.

[Pictured (left to right): Lesley Cannon, Enterprise Manager, South Ayrshire Council; Norman Geddes, senior partner at Frazer Coogans Solicitors and Executive Chairman of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle; Provost Winifred Sloan, Nick Larkin, Head of Enterprise and Property, South Ayrshire Council; Murdoch MacDonald, CEO of Fame Publicity Services and managing director of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle; and Councillor Bill McIntosh, Resources and Performance Portfolio Carrier, South Ayrshire Council. CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD FULL-SIZE VERSION.]

Members of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle were welcomed by South Ayrshire Provost Winifred Sloan who said: “The membership of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle reflects the outstanding talents of business people in the south west of Scotland and the innovative way in which they approach business matters.

“The Council supports businesses in South Ayrshire, offering a range of advice and guidance. Becoming a member of the Circle will bring the Council and local businesses even closer and mean that together we can work for the benefit of the people of South Ayrshire and Scotland.

“I am pleased to be forging closer ties with the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle and would like to thank Councillor Margaret Toner for all the support she has given the association.”

Several Officers of the Council gave presentations at the meeting on a range of topics specially selected that would be of interest to the delegates including:

1. Enterprise Strategy and Structure.
2. Enterprise Service.
3. Supplier Development Programme.
4. Sustainability Support.
5. New Planning Legislation and National Planning Framework II.

There then followed a question and discussion session.

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle Executive Chairman Norman Geddes said: “I am delighted to welcome South Ayrshire Council as members of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle.

“We have already enjoyed great support from Provost Winifred Sloan and other prominent Council members, and the interest in local business being shown by the Council is most welcome.

“The support of our local authority means a great deal to our members, and we all look forward to working together for the benefit of the South Ayrshire business community.”


Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

South Ayrshire Council

Frazer Coogans Solicitors

Fame Publicity Services


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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Gaiety Theatre Ayr pantomime “Snow White” a great success

By: Murdoch MacDonald

SOME things never seem to change, even in these turbulent times.

And one of these is pantomime, apparently destined to last forever in its traditional well-loved format.

[Pictured: the cast of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” at the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr. CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD FULL-SIZE VERSION.]

This year’s pantomime at the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is as popular as ever, judging by the enthusiastic response of its audience of children of all ages, not to mention a sizeable representation of senior citizens.

Mari Gordon-Price is a suitably terrifying Wicked Queen, Stephanie McDowall the charming heroine Snow White, and Bryan Reid the heroic Prince Charming.

The music, song and dance numbers are outstanding, with a spirited rendering of “Dancing Queen” being particularly memorable.

Gary Morrison plays Big Bad Ben and Andreii Matviienko the Man in the Mirror.

But it is Ian Gouck who runs the whole show magnificently as the Dame, Doris Dumpling. To him falls the vital pivotal role of orchestrating the audience involvement, a task which he carries off with aplomb and to great acclaim.

A successful and most enjoyable production, well worth a visit.

A South Ayrshire Council and Squires & Johns Presentation, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" runs at the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr until 31 December 2008.

Box Office Telephone: 01292 611222


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