The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Glasgow Prestwick Airport undertakes
strategic review of business operations

By: Murdoch MacDonald

GLASGOW PRESTWICK AIRPORT has announced a business review in the light of the current economic climate.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport chief executive Mark Rodwell (pictured above) said: “As economic conditions continue to worsen, like most other businesses we are reviewing our operation in an effort to maximise profitability and respond to changing business needs.

“We have entered into a review process to look for ways to deliver efficiencies, cost savings and revenue improvements.

“Our Business Development Team is working hard to offset the recent loss of freight and charter traffic by exploring a number of opportunities with potential new airlines.

“While these are difficult times we are optimistic about the long-term future of the airport and the aviation industry as a whole, which has always recovered well in the past.

“The strong performance of our scheduled passenger services during 2008 shows that low cost air travel remains popular, although we believe 2009 will be a difficult year with many challenges.

“It is too early to determine what the impact will be on employees as we work through the review process, however our aim will be to avoid job losses where possible.”

Scottish Conservative MSP for Ayr, John Scott (pictured above) said he was concerned about the possibility of job losses at Prestwick.

He said: "I have been in touch with the airport to discuss the current situation and to offer my support and assistance.

"There is no doubt that Prestwick Airport is suffering the effects of the economic downturn and that this has hit passenger numbers and therefore the airport's overall operations.

"Nevertheless, I am reassured by my discussions with the airport that there is a determination to explore all possible avenues in an effort to minimise any job losses and to secure the long term-future of the airport and its workforce."

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle executive chairman Norman Geddes (pictured above) commented: “The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle was delighted when last October Glasgow Prestwick Airport unveiled its Master Plan, indicating the doubling of passenger numbers over the next decade, with freight volume growing at an annual rate of 4%.

“Although we are disappointed at the news of the current review of operations, we understand that in the present economic downturn this is a prudent commercial decision not unlike that which many companies and businesses are having to make.

“However, the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle remains confident in the long-term prospects both of Glasgow Prestwick Airport and of the Ayrshire economy as a whole.

“We have a wide range of successful businesses in Ayrshire, a resourceful workforce, and a deep well of managerial and entrepreneurial talent, which combined together will undoubtedly pull us through the present difficulties. We are confident that Glasgow Prestwick Airport will remain a dominant force in that recovery.”

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