The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Thursday, 26 March 2009

John Scott urges French visitors to come to Ayrshire

‘Come to Ayrshire!’ That was the message delivered by John Scott, MSP for Ayr, when he recently spoke to representatives of thirty-two regions of France.

Along with South Ayrshire Council’s Enterprise Manager, Lesley Cannon, John Scott met the regional representatives and other key people drawn from across the travel and tourist industry at an event hosted by the French Government Tourist Office.

[Pictured left to right: Louise Muir, Marketing Group Manager with Infratil, Wilma Paterson, a travel writer, Jean-Pierre Courteau, Managing Director of the French Government Tourist Office, Lesley Cannon, Enterprise Manager at South Ayrshire Council and John Scott MSP.]

And John and Lesley took full advantage of the opportunity to press the case for Ayrshire’s tourism sector.

John Scott said: “The purpose of the event was to promote France to Scottish travel writers and journalists, which is why representatives of all thirty-two French regions, including their overseas collectives, were gathered together.

“However this seemed to us to be an excellent opportunity to turn the tables a little and to use the event to speak directly with the French representatives and officials from the French Government Tourist Office to sell to them the benefits of holidaying in Ayrshire.”

“I’m glad to say that we got a very positive reception, and I think that we managed to generate quite a bit of interest in Ayrshire amongst the representatives. Hopefully this interest, and the useful contacts that we made at the event, will be helpful in further promoting Ayrshire’s tourist industry over the months to come.”

Leader of South Ayrshire Council Hugh Hunter said: “We are very keen to engage with colleagues from other countries so that we can build the relationships needed to best promote the tourist potential of Ayrshire, and from that point of view the opportunity to get into a room with representatives of each of the French regions was invaluable.

“We see supporting Ayrshire’s tourist industry as being very much an exercise in partnership working, and we want to forge a strong and constructive relationship with as wide a group of agencies as possible, including the French Government Tourist Agency.”


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