The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

South Ayrshire Council focus on improvement programme

SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL has acknowledged the past weaknesses in its performance and financial management inherited from previous administrations, highlighted today by the Accounts Commission, and is well under way with a radical change and improvement programme aimed at addressing the main areas of concern.

Councillor Hugh Hunter, Leader of South Ayrshire Council (pictured above) said: “We are firmly focused on a radical change and improvement programme which will address the main findings of the Accounts Commission.

“The weaknesses in the report are not unfamiliar to us, and reflect areas where we have already been taking action since the new council was established in May 2007. This has included establishing more effective cross-party working, the appointment of new senior officers, including a new chief executive, and taking difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions to start addressing the significant financial pressures which we face.

“Councillors of all parties recognised the difficulties that we faced, and we have begun to better manage how we deliver services and how we report our performance, and have begun to develop community planning and joint working with partners and neighbouring councils.

“We note that the Commission acknowledges that we are facing a significant number of hard decisions for the future, and that we have the appetite for change and a strong commitment to the challenges we face.”

The Audit of Best Value and Community Planning which includes the Accounts Commission’s findings will be discussed at a future meeting of the Council.

A PDF copy of the Audit of Best Value and Community Planning, including the Accounts Commission’s findings can be downloaded from the Council’s web site at from today.



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