The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

South Ayrshire Council seeks public
involvement in future development plans

AN IMPORTANT document setting out South Ayrshire Council’s policies for development and land use over the next 5-10 years has been launched.

Marking the first stage of producing an ambitious and far reaching new plan, the Development Plan Scheme (DPS), sets out the different stages for producing the new Local Development Plan (LDP).

It includes a timetable of the process and a lets people know how and when they can get involved in the LDP process.

The Local Development Plan will replace the South Ayrshire Local Plan as the land use plan for the area when it is adopted in 2013.

Wider issues such as roads, drainage, water and how the existing infrastructure will cope with new development demands will also be covered in the Plan.

A programme of consultation will start very shortly and this will engage with the Scottish Government, partner agencies, private sector organisations, community groups and, importantly, the general public, who will be fully encouraged to get involved.

A Local Planning Forum, which will provide the community with an effective new method of consultation, will meet for the first time in September. Applications for membership of the Forum are being welcomed at this time. People can apply on-line to join the Local Planning Forum at

The process is being driven by the Local Development Plan Project Board, which is made up from Councillors and Officers.

[Pictured: Members of the SADP Project Board launch the first stage of an ambitious and far reaching new plan, the Development Plan Scheme (DPS).]

The changes have come about in order to comply with the Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 that requires the Council’s planning systems to be efficient, inclusive, fit for purpose and sustainable.

Speaking at the launch, Councillor Margaret Toner, chair of the LDP Project Board said: “Various methods will be used to bring this document to the attention of as many interest groups as possible.

“One of the most important things we will be addressing is to clarify the processes and language of planning in order to make matters easier to follow and understand. The launch of this document is the first stage in a sequence of consultations and reports on how we can ultimately shape the new local development plan.”

Councillor Toner continued: “A central part of the DPS will be to ensure that anyone who wants to participate in the preparation of the new Local Development Plan knows when and how they will have the chance to do so.”

The DPS document is now available in full on the Council’s website and a leaflet is available at Council offices, libraries, community halls and police stations.

It will be updated annually to make sure all interested parties are fully informed on the progress and timescales of each stage.

Anyone with an interest in planning is urged to use the feedback form on the planning pages on the Council’s website, from the back of the DPS document, or to email:



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