The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Monday, 24 August 2009

Kent Police invest in Visimetrics Custody CCTV solution

Kent Police have transformed their ageing, isolated Custody CCTV systems into a force-wide network based Custody CCTV solution utilising FASTAR and VADER Digital Evidence Recorders® from Ayr-based company Visimetrics (UK) Ltd.

Visimetrics Custody CCTV solution provides Kent Police with real-time video and audio recordings within key areas such as the charge bar’s, intox and fingerprint rooms while maintaining a video only profile in all surrounding custody suite areas.

The network based CCTV solution from Ayr-based Visimetrics provides a distributed recording platform of local storage servers within each Custody Suite. All authorised users now have force-wide access to any of the 230 cameras from any location on the network using Visimetrics “CONTROL” CCTV management software. Providing a single point of access to all cameras in all Custody Suites to departments such as Professional Standards and TSU has generated significant savings to the force in operational time and costs.

A substantial gain for the force from the implementation of Visimetrics Custody CCTV solution has been the ability to create “movie” DVD’s of real-time video with lip-synchronised audio directly from within the “CONTROL” application. This process has greatly reduced the onus on the imaging department to transfer data DVD’s into the generic format of playable DVD necessary for the distribution of evidence within the Criminal Justice System.

After taking the project from product evaluation through to final implementation Force CCTV Liaison Officer, Mick White, is satisfied the force made the right choice in adopting his recommendation to implement Visimetrics solution. “I’ve been delighted with Visimetrics recording solution. We now have a secure, standardised, force-wide CCTV system, accessed easily and seamlessly by all appropriate individuals. The quality of evidence we are now recording is exceptional as is the on-going commitment and support from Visimetrics”

Visimetrics specialise in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance digital video recording, storage and management systems for dedicated CCTV applications. Visimetrics solutions are deployed within critical CCTV applications such as casinos, prisons, ports, banks, education, transportation, city centre, government and military sites. Visimetrics work in partnership with consultants, integrators and technical partners to deliver CCTV solutions without compromise.

Visimetrics (UK) Ltd
Skye House
Skye Road
Prestwick KA9 2TA
Ayrshire, Scotland

Contact: Barry Rooney
Tel: 01292 673770
Fax: 01292 677990

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