The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Friday, 30 October 2009

Creative marketing agency Paligap
launches luxury chocolate range

AYRSHIRE-based creative marketing agency Paligap has just launched the “Chocolati” brand of fine luxury chocolates on behalf of clients Renaldo’s.

[Pictured: Paligap marketing manager Nick Lambert (centre) celebrates the launch of Chocolati with Renaldo’s proprietors husband and wife team Linda Galli (left) and Silvio Galli (right).]

Renaldo’s, who have sold luxury hand-made chocolates from their shop in Ayr for years, approached Paligap in August with the intention of taking the chocolates to a wider audience via the Internet.

After a few consultations and some research, Paligap proposed that the chocolates should have their own brand as opposed to selling them under the Renaldo’s brand, and that the best route to market would be direct mail, ensuring a targeted and specific audience.

Using socio-economic profiling, Paligap determined who was most likely to buy the chocolates, where to find these people, and what the chocolates should be called.

The name decided on was “Chocolati”, a sort of merge of Italian and English that just seemed to ring off the tongue and position the product correctly. Packaging was then designed to house the chocolates, and while that was being produced, a direct mail brochure was designed and the chocolates were photographed (none of them were returned to the client).

Paligap then developed a website for the brand that also takes orders, offering another channel to market, and Royal Mail Door to Door was chosen to distribute the mail order brochures to the designated addresses.

Paligap managing director Stephen Cosh commented: “This was a tight and concise start-up, direct mail and e-commerce campaign for a new brand. It was all researched, designed and delivered within two months, resulting in a happy client with another arm to their business.”

Visit Chocolati online at

Apex House
1 Carrick Road
Ayr KA7 2RA
Ayrshire, Scotland

Contact: Stephen Cosh, Managing Director
Tel: 01292 263777
Fax: 01292 285334


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