The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

South Ayrshire Council open chemistry
labs at Queen Margaret Academy

TWO new chemistry rooms at Queen Margaret Academy in Ayr are giving students the opportunity to bring science to life in state-of-the-art surroundings.

An old chemistry room has been refurbished to create two new chemistry rooms and a fume cabinet.

[Pictured in one of the new chemistry rooms are South Ayrshire Councillors, Councillors and some of the senior students who were keen to tell everyone how great the new rooms are.]

Councillor Hywel Davies, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder visited the school to see the changes. He said: “Chemistry is a challenging subject and our children require the best laboratory facilities that we can provide.  It therefore gives me considerable pleasure to see these new facilities completed at Queen Margaret Academy.

“The school now has two new superbly equipped laboratories fit for the 21st century, that will make studying chemistry even more exciting for the students.

“All the facilities are outstanding, and I am particularly pleased that the rooms are fully accessible and suitable for wheelchair users.”

Each new room is equipped with an interactive white board and a projector which can also be used for showing DVDs and video clips. The fume cabinet has its own dedicated gas, electricity and water supply and drainage, and eyewash facilities. There is a rise and fall table and practical bench in each laboratory with a sink suitable for use by all students who are wheelchair users. The new air conditioning makes for a greatly improved working environment for everyone using the laboratories.

Queen Margaret Academy student Laura Miller commented: “The refurbishment is fantastic. It makes learning a lot easier as we have all the new up to date equipment. The spacious setting is the perfect learning environment.”

Fellow S4 student Michael Da Prato added: “Upon entering the room I liked the colour of the room and the layout and I was pleased we now have a whiteboard. Plus the windows let in a nice amount of sunlight which illuminate the room but don’t make it a hot stuffy room. The tranquillity of the new room makes it a cool easy place to learn.”

Fiona Forsyth, also S4, concluded: “I like the new chemistry room as it is equipped with different facilities that contribute to our learning. The feeling of this new room helps studying be enjoyable and it helps me concentrate. The layout of this new lab is very effective.”

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