The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Friday, 24 September 2010

John Scott urges bigger 2012 Games role for Prestwick Airport

Transport plans drawn up for the 2012 Commonwealth Games are skewed in favour of Glasgow Airport, and downplay the significant role that Prestwick Airport should play in the Games.

That’s the view of John Scott MSP, whose Ayr constituency takes in Prestwick Airport, and who is calling for the newly-published Commonwealth Games Transport Strategic Plan to recognise a fuller role for the Ayrshire airport.

John Scott (pictured above) said: “It is clear from the Transport Strategic Plan that the significant role that Prestwick Airport could play as a point of entry to Scotland for visitors to the Commonwealth Games is being enormously undervalued.

“While Glasgow Airport has been fully involved in the preparation of the transport plan, it is clear that the same strategic partnership has not been offered to Prestwick, despite the obvious case for that airport to be a major transport hub facilitating access to and from the Games.”

“With a dedicated railway station adjoining the airport which offers a direct rail link to the centre of Glasgow in well under an hour without the need for any connecting journeys either by road or rail, Prestwick is ideally placed to handle a substantial proportion of arrivals for the Games, but as it stands the Transport Strategic Plan offers little by way of support for this.”

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1 comment:

Geoff said...

Is this not another reason for the Ayrshire airport to rename itself and promote itself as the Robert Burns International Airport?