The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Scheme to create one of the greenest crematoria in Scotland

The first phase of a £1.1 million programme to create one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly crematoria in Scotland is underway at Masonhill Crematorium in Ayr.

South Ayrshire Council’s major improvement programme at its award-winning crematorium involves the introduction of ‘abatement’ equipment that will filter out mercury, dioxins and other harmful emissions from being released into the atmosphere. This will ensure the crematorium meets government standards on mercury emissions.

New, modern, more energy-efficient cremators will be installed at a later stage of the programme, establishing Masonhill Crematorium as one of the greenest around.

The latter phase of the works will also include improvements to the chapel area including the altar, catafalque (the platform where the coffin lies during the service) and organ.

To maintain a peaceful and dignified environment for those paying their respects or attending services at the crematorium, the works will generally be carried out from around 4pm Monday to Friday and at weekends when the crematorium is not in use.

However, two to three two-day scheduled closures will be required from around mid-May until the completion of the project in the autumn to facilitate the works to the chapel and the cremators – no dates for these closures have been set at this time.

Lesley Bloomer, South Ayrshire Council’s Executive Director for Development and Environment, said: “Our priority at all times is to provide mourners and visitors with quality services in a respectful environment, and we will continue to do this throughout the duration of the works programme.

“This project marks significant investment by the Council and is testament to our commitment to reducing energy use and protecting the local environment.

“It will further enhance the facilities available at Masonhill, and will confirm our position as one of the leading crematoria in the country.”

For further information, visit or call 01292 266051.

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