The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Saturday, 24 September 2011

South Ayrshire Council joins influential Industrial Communities Alliance

South Ayrshire Council has joined the influential Industrial Communities Alliance (ICA) – a national organisation of local authorities representing the needs of Britain’s industrial areas to a wide range of government, parliamentary and European Union bodies.

The ICA aims to attract resources and support to assist in the economic, social and environmental regeneration of former industrial areas and to provide a framework for information sharing and partnership working between member authorities.

[Pictured: First among equals. Councillors Margaret Toner and Ann Galbraith joined other local authority members for their first meeting at the ICA, held in County Buildings. CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD LARGER VERSION.]

To mark its new membership, the Council hosted the most recent ICA meeting at its headquarters in County Buildings in Ayr.

Taking part in their first ICA meeting, Councillors Margaret Toner and Ann Galbraith learned more about the ICA’s role in lobbying governments to support economic development and sustained growth, which will be of critical interest in areas of decline, such as the former mining communities in Ayrshire.

Councillor Toner, Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Tourism and Leisure said: “The ICA has a huge sphere of influence at Scottish and national levels, and membership will help us to better represent and promote the needs of industrial and deprived areas in South Ayrshire.

“South Ayrshire Council is fully committed to driving economic growth locally and it’s vital our views are heard at the highest possible level.

“Membership of the ICA and our participation in the Cross Party Working Group at the Scottish Parliament makes sure our voice gets heard, and this can only be of benefit to our communities when it comes to attracting investment and exploring funding opportunities.”

Councillor Toner added “The ICA has a well established pedigree in engaging with all levels of government to help deliver the right policies and initiatives essential to supporting economic development.

“Our first meeting was highly informative and exciting, as we realise the benefits that will come from sharing information with other local authorities about successful strategies and ideas for delivering growth and for finding funding for key areas of need in South Ayrshire.

“I’m delighted that we’ve joined an organisation with over sixty local authorities as members, across the UK, giving us a significant platform on which to represent local needs and allowing us to punch well above our weight when it comes to representing our former industrial communities and how we can regenerate them.”

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