The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Thursday, 17 November 2011

South Ayrshire Council launches one-stop service for the bereaved

South Ayrshire Council has officially launched a brand new service to help ease the burden of having to deal with official paperwork and telephone calls after the loss of a loved one.

[Pictured: Pictured at Ayr Registration Office are (left to right standing) Councillor Philip Saxton, Councillor Ian Douglas, Councillor Douglas Campbell, Portfolio Holder for Customer Services, Councillor Bill Grant, Councillor Hugh Hunter, (left to right seated) South Ayrshire Provost Winifred Sloan, Councillor Nan McFarlane and Valerie Andrews, Head of Legal and Administration for South Ayrshire Council.]

The service, Tell Us Once, is now offered to anyone registering a death at Ayr Registration Office and means the Council can notify participating organisations of the death on a customer’s behalf.

Through Tell Us Once, information is passed securely and in confidence to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in the first instance, which can then be passed on to other government departments and Council services.

The information is then used to update records, amend service provision accordingly and calculate any changes to finances such as benefits and tax. Services and organisations involved include:

* Council – Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Council Tax, Council Payments, Libraries, Electoral Service, Blue Badges, Adult Services, Children’s Services, Housing

* DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)

* DWP – Pension, Disability & Carers Service, Jobcentre Plus, Overseas Health Team

* HM Revenue and Customs – Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit & Working Tax Credit, Personal Taxation

* Ministry of Defence – War Pensions Scheme

* Identity and Passport Service.

Councillor Douglas Campbell, South Ayrshire Council’s Portfolio Holder for Customer Services, said: “This is all about providing the best possible service for our customers at a very difficult time, and I’m sure that will be appreciated.

“The average bereaved family has to contact multiple government services when someone dies and, while it’s essential the information is provided, Tell Us Once makes this a far easier process.

“I am pleased we now offer this service at Ayr Registration Office, and I hope it makes a difficult time just that little bit easier.”

Tell Us Once is available at Ayr Registration Office, High Street, Ayr and is expected to be rolled out to Girvan Registration Office in the new year.

Those using the service will need information about the person who has died including date of birth and National Insurance number, details of benefits/services received, death certificate, driving licence (or number) and passport (or passport number and details of place of birth).

For further information, visit or call 01292 617617.

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