The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Saturday, 11 June 2011

South Ayrshire Council approves new housing strategy

A new, ambitious and far-reaching Local Housing Strategy (LHS) has been approved by South Ayrshire Council and it has important implications for anyone living in, or moving to the area.

The strategy looks at the full range of housing and housing needs in the area and includes Council housing, Housing Association tenants, private landlord tenants and home owners.

It sets out the vision for the development of housing and related services by the Council and its partners from 2011 to 2016 and recognises that people in the area can live in anything from a caravan to a care home.

Councillor Douglas Campbell, Portfolio Holder for Housing (pictured above) explained: “Having somewhere to stay is essential. Without safe, warm and dry homes the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities across South Ayrshire suffers.

“Sometimes there are problems and issues that stop us from living in the right type of home and these can range from not enough homes in the right place, rents or house prices that are too high, poor quality housing and not enough help for people who are vulnerable due to their physical or mental health.

“These are often deep-rooted and complex problems and the impacts have the potential to touch everybody in our community.”

To proactively determine the best way of dealing with these complex issues, the Council has listened to a wide range of people, house builders, social workers, agencies and partners organisations.

This feedback has been used to shape the Local Housing Strategy.

Councillor Campbell explained: “The strategy will help us to support people towards finding a suitable place to stay.

“It will help ensure that people live in warm, dry, energy efficient homes and will help people access advice and support, allowing or preparing them to live in the accommodation that best suits their needs.

“Through the strategy, we will also work to prevent homelessness in South Ayrshire as far as possible, offering accommodation, advice and support is available where it cannot be avoided

“Our ultimate aim is that people in South Ayrshire are proud of their neighbourhoods.”

Councillor Campbell concluded: “Our new strategy will challenge the whole of the Council to deliver a connected, responsive and dynamic approach to housing, consistently delivering the best possible services and outcomes for all our residents.”

The Council’s new Local Housing Strategy document, containing links to the Corporate Plan and the Community Planning Partnership’s Single Outcome Agreement can be read CLICK HERE