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The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Friday, 3 February 2012

Ayr Spice Indian Restaurant offers two special Valentine’s Day menus

Celebrity TV chef Mafiz Ali has concocted not just one, but TWO enchantingly romantic menus at Ayr Spice Indian Restaurant in Minishant, South Ayrshire to celebrate St Valentine‘s Day on Tuesday 14 February.

And the restaurant’s history and beautiful setting will add additional touches of spice and romance to what will undoubtedly be a night to remember for everyone fortunate enough to be there.

For Ayr Spice Indian Cuisine is housed in the fine old red sandstone Memorial church at the entrance to the picturesque village of Minishant, 5 miles south of Ayr on the A77. The church was erected by the thread magnate Sir Peter Coats of nearby Auchendrane, in loving memory of his wife Glorianna, who died in 1877.

The special St Valentine’s Day menu will be available from Friday 19 February to Saturday 18 February by prior booking only. Normal A la carte menu always available.

Ayr Spice Bangladeshi Restaurant, Minishant
St Valentine’s Day, 2012
Candle-light dinner
Welcome rose and a glass of sparkling (Asti) for each couple

Set meal A: £16.95


* Honey Dew Melon
* Machli roll (spicy mashed fish roll)
* Piaza Bora (onion bhaji) – onion and ground lentils deep-fried with herbs and spices
* Tikka Delight – an assortment of chicken and lamb tikka and sheek kebab served on a sizzler

Main courses:

* Sally Jadalo chicken or lamb cooked in honey and apricot (Mafiz’s own recipe)
* Badami Passanda chicken or lamb – tender lamb or chicken marinated in yogurt in a special blend of herbs, spices and almonds in a light and creamy sauce with a dash of red wine.
* Chicken or lamb Tofa – a very special dish from the Chilaura district - roasted pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with green chillies, tamarind, fresh coriander and green pepper and served with an aromatically-spiced sauce.
* Shobji special Kufta – lightly-spiced mixed vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce with baked tomato and capsicum and garnished with spring-onion and coriander.

Coconut, lemon or fried rice
Choice of naan bread

Set meal B: £19.95


* Tandoori lamb chops (lamb chops in a specially-prepared spice sauce)
* Priya Goshty roll – lamb or chicken cooked with fresh onion and spices and served with a lightly-fried Puri-bread.
* Bengali stir-fry – delicious filet of fresh-water fish marinated in Ayr Spice “Spicy sauce” with fresh herbs and grilled in a charcoal oven.
* Salmon samosa

Main courses:

* Mango extra murgi korma – chicken with almonds and sliced mango cooked in a rich, creamy sauce with a dash of “Grand Marnier” – the perfect Valentine’s special!
* Tetul Tanga – chicken, lamb or vegetable Kofta cooked in a home-made spicy and sour sauce creating a unique flavour and garnished with spring-onion and coriander – highly recommended!
* Beef Shatkova Bhuna - beef slice cooked with Shatkova (citrus fruit) from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh with a unique, authentic, sour flavour.
* Tikka sliced chicken or lamb – barbecued lamb or chicken cooked with mushrooms, green peppers, onion and selected herbs (Jagannath pur style)

Mafiz’s special rice, lemon or fried rice
Choice of naan bread


* Gulab jam
* Kufi – Bangladeshi ice-cream


Mafiz Ali
Ayr Spice Indian Restaurant
The Old Minishant Memorial Church
22 Ayr Road
KA19 8EX

Tel: 01292 441 413


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