The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle celebrates successful first five years

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle, founded in 2007, celebrates its fifth anniversary this month.

Frazer Coogans Solicitors senior director Norman Geddes (pictured left above) set up the organisation along with Murdoch MacDonald (pictured right), a PR consultant and proprietor of Fame Publicity Services.

The mission statement of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle reads: “Our purpose is to celebrate the wealth and rich diversity of entrepreneurial and business excellence that abounds here within the county boundaries of Ayrshire.”

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle executive chairman Norman Geddes commented: “I feel that we have made a sound start, upon which we aim to consolidate and move into a future of even greater success.

“The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle has already become well-known for the quality and interest of the subject matter presented at our meetings.

“In particular, we are very enthusiastic about encouraging our members to look at exporting their goods and services to countries in the world that are still achieving economic growth, and our recent meetings about trading with China and Oman and the Middle East are evidence of this.

“But what gratifies me as much as anything is the number of top business leaders of Ayrshire’s most successful companies that regularly attend our meetings, and the friendly and mutually supportive atmosphere that makes these meetings so enjoyable in which to take part.”

Another important part of the activities of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle is the assistance it provides its members with marketing, PR and publicity.

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle managing director Murdoch MacDonald explains: “Over the last five years, we have gradually built up a comprehensive range of business news and social media websites which are thoroughly integrated and inter-connected to provide the maximum possible visibility throughout the world for our members and for Ayrshire business in general.

“As well as the Circle’s own website we also operate the rolling news blog Ayrshire Scotland Business News, which regularly attracts 400 unique targeted visitors each day. Already more than 1,000 Ayrshire business stories are archived in perpetuity, both on their own individual page and together with the other stories that appeared in the same week.

“Last year we added another title to our portfolio - Elite Ayrshire Business Circle News, which is an online weekly magazine incorporating Ayrshire business news stories together with articles of interest about business, politics and sport from Scotland, the UK and around the world.”

Other examples of the presence of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle on the internet include Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, and a superb and ever-growing archive on Flickr of (to date) 1,500 photographs recording the successes of the Circle and of Ayrshire business in general over the past five years.

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle executive chairman Norman Geddes concluded: “In celebrating our fifth anniversary, I would like to thank each and every one of our members, without whom the successful attainment of this important milestone would not have been possible.

“It would be invidious and unfair to name individuals, except perhaps to say that we are all grateful for the continuing support of iconic national brands like Ayr Racecourse, Turnberry and Clydesdale Bank.

“And particular thanks to councillors and officials at South Ayrshire Council and local politician John Scott MSP.

“Everyone’s continuing encouragement and support of our cause to help the Ayrshire economy to continue to thrive and prosper is greatly appreciated.”

South Ayrshire Council Leader Bill McIntosh (pictured above) said: "The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle has caught the imagination of the local business community who see it as an excellent forum for sharing ideas, promoting their businesses, and working together to grow the local business economy.  South Ayrshire Council shares these sentiments, and we are strong supporters of the Business Circle.  The local economy is the lifeblood of Ayrshire, so I am delighted to offer my congratulations on this fifth anniversary celebration, and I look forward to continuing our support for the future."

John Scott MSP for Ayr (pictured above) said:  “I congratulate the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle on achieving this five year milestone of successful networking and business promotion here in Ayrshire.

“The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle, to whose meetings I have been privileged to be invited, serves a hugely worthwhile purpose in bringing together business experience, contact and expertise, and has become an important part of growing and developing the huge potential of the Ayrshire economy by sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences, particularly in the growing far eastern international markets.

“With five successful years of hard work under their belt, the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle is well placed to build on their acquired expertise and I wish them all success for the future.”


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