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Friday, 7 December 2012

South Ayrshire Council delegation visits British Airways facility at Prestwick Airport

A top level delegation from South Ayrshire Council has visited British Airways’ engineering operation at Prestwick Airport to see at first hand the important work being carried out at the facility.
[Pictured: Brian Queally, Manager of the British Airways Maintenance Glasgow (BAMG) Prestwick operation, David Anderson, Chief Executive South Ayrshire Council, Councillor Bill McIntosh, Leader of South Ayrshire Council, Bill Armstrong, General Manager British Airways Maintenance Glasgow (BAMG).]
Councillor Bill McIntosh, the Leader of South Ayrshire Council, David Anderson, Chief Executive and Mark Hastings, Enterprise Manager toured the hangar, part of a unique engineering project to carry out specialist work on British Airways’ fleet of Airbus aircraft.
The Prestwick operation, which celebrated its first anniversary earlier this year, is the first project of its kind within British Airways and is the first time in its 45 year history that British Airways Maintenance Glasgow has established a satellite operation outwith its principal operating base at Glasgow Airport.
The facility now has a workforce of 40 and has completed work on 52 aircraft in the 15 months since it opened.
Councillor Bill McIntosh said: “This is a very inspiring project which has great potential. Having only been established within the last year it just shows what can be achieved through sheer hard work and determination. Securing existing jobs, expanding and giving a boost to our local economy is a great thing.”
Brian Queally, the Manager of the Prestwick facility said: “We’re delighted that this important delegation gave so much of their time to see for themselves what we do here.
“We look forward to working with the Council and other local agencies in the future.
“When I was appointed to run the project, one of my senior managers in London said he wanted this facility to be ‘the epitome of lean-ness and continuous improvement’.
“That is exactly what we’re trying to achieve.”
Already the facility is looking to extend its remit with work to carry out safety checks on the rudders of Airbus aircraft that come into the Prestwick hangar.
He continued: “The aircraft are on the ground anyway, so it makes perfect operational sense to use that down time to carry out rudder checks, which have to be done in any case.
“Every one of the guys, many of whom are local, who came at the start of the project volunteered to be here.
“So they’re determined to prove that the decision was the right one, not only by excelling in the work we do, but in contributing to how we do it by suggesting ways in which we can work more efficiently and operate seamlessly between shifts.”
“We may be the most recent and perhaps unique engineering project BAMG has undertaken, but we are committed to making it a success and maintaining the reputation for excellence that BAMG has built up both within the aviation sector and amongst the wider engineering community in Scotland and beyond.”
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