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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle chairman Norman Geddes talks with First Minister Alex Salmond

Elite Ayrshire Business Circle executive chairman and Frazer Coogans Commercial Solicitors senior partner Norman Geddes has attended a private lunch in the Scottish Parliament with the First Minister Alex Salmond.

The First Minister demonstrated his knowledge of current business issues and was keen to hear about matters of interest to Ayrshire business. Topics raised included planning delays on renewable energy projects, the agricultural economy and the dairy industry, the new ferry terminal at Cairnryan and the Maybole bypass.

The First Minister affirmed his general support for the Maybole bypass, although he stressed at present there were no firm plans or allocation of funds.

The First Minister also talked about initiatives of the Scottish Government to generate business with other countries and in particular spoke of his recent visit to China.

Norman Geddes gave to the First Minister a letter congratulating him on his initiative with China, and told him that Elite Ayrshire Business Circle members JB Management had been represented on the China visit.

He told the First Minister about the recent meeting jointly promoted by South Ayrshire Council and the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle which had been addressed by the Chinese Consul General, Mr Li and which had attracted over 60 delegates.

The letter invited the First Minister to accept an invitation from Ayr Racecourse to attend the Scottish Grand National, and indicated that a similar invitation had been extended to Mr Li.

The First Minister thanked the Chairman and indicated that, subject to any diary commitments, he hoped to attend the Scottish Grand National. It is hoped to extend the connections between Ayrshire and China. Wuhan Racecourse in China have indicated that they are seeking a link with a UK racecourse, and this initiative is being considered by Ayr Racecourse.


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Monday, 6 February 2012

Kilmarnock celebrates Chinese New Year “The Year of the Dragon”

Dragons were on the loose in Kilmarnock Town Centre drawing crowds of shoppers as local school pupils joined in celebrations to mark the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon.

[Pictured: East Ayrshire Council Provost Stephanie Young (right) with Kuloc Chinese Association chairperson Thomas Ho.]

The event was organised by the Kuloc Chinese Association in partnership with East Ayrshire Council. Pupils from Grange Academy participated in the Dragon dance and other East Ayrshire pupils sang the Friendship Song. Thereafter there was a display with the dragons and Lion from the Glasgow Hong Look Dragon and Lion dancing Troupe.

Provost Stephanie Young said: “Good weather and a great turnout made all the preparations for this auspicious date in the Chinese calendar worthwhile. It was great to see the spectacular dragon dance and really celebrate the strong links that Kuloc have built in our community.

“I’ve had the great pleasure to work in partnership with Thomas Ho and Kuloc on many occasions during my tenure as Provost of East Ayrshire Council and they have always been extremely supportive of my charity appeals, taking part and contributing to fundraising at every opportunity.

“Today we’ve been joined by pupils from East Ayrshire to enjoy and take part in this colourful spectacle. Together with the huge success of the Mandarin classes on offer through Grange Academy at the “Confucius Hub” for Ayrshire and the many activities offered by Kuloc, our cultural links with the Chinese community in East Ayrshire are going from strength to strength.”