The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Thursday, 28 March 2013

RSA funding helps Ayrshire firm safeguard jobs

£3.7m to leverage investment in unique facility

Scottish Enterprise (SE) is to provide regional selective assistance of £3.7m to help leverage a multi-million pound investment and safeguard high-value jobs at DSM in Dalry, Ayrshire – the only remaining producer of Vitamin C in the western world.
SE has been involved with the company for the past 20 years and during this time has provided a range of account management support to help improve efficiency and develop skills. The DSM plant at Dalry, by focusing on product differentiation and sustainability, has maintained its position to date; however as international competition intensifies, further investment is needed.
“This is the kind of company we’re here to support,” said Anne MacColl, chief executive of SE international arm Scottish Development International.
“We know their importance to the local economy and to the local people they employ, and we’ll continue supporting them as they seek to consolidate and build on their unique position in the global marketplace.”
A spokesperson for the company said “DSM Dalry is pleased to work alongside SE and the Scottish Government and welcome their support for our investment in more sustainable processes to further improve our efficiency and strengthen our competitive position."
Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) is the main national scheme of financial assistance to industry. It provides discretionary grants to investment projects that will create and safeguard employment in areas designated for regional aid under European Community law.
Payment of RSA is made in instalments, typically over several years as job and capital expenditure targets are met. Not all projects will proceed, and nor do all accepted offers result in full payment, as projects are sometimes scaled down or abandoned before payments are made. The figures quoted represent the maximum grant potentially payable if the project is satisfactorily completed, and not the amount actually paid to date. All job numbers are firms’ forecast figures, and are subject to change depending on future economic conditions and other factors affecting the businesses concerned.
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