The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Leading Ayrshire solicitor backs campaign to increase public awareness about Power of Attorney

Leading Ayrshire solicitor Norman Geddes (pictured below), managing partner at Frazer Coogans Solicitors, is lending his support to a campaign urging the public to discuss the future with relatives who might be at risk of losing the capacity to make decisions about their care and welfare.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Glasgow City Council want to persuade families to “start the conversation” with relatives about putting a Power of Attorney in place. A Power of Attorney is a signed and witnessed legal document which allows a relative or trusted friend to step in if the person executing it is taken ill and becomes unable to make the necessary decisions for him or herself.

It is understood that the lack of a Power of Attorney in place is responsible for delaying the discharge of many patients from hospital.

The lack of a Power of Attorney in place can also lead to financial difficulties for a person who becomes incapacitated and unable to operate their bank account. This is especially true for people who run their own business.  

The awareness campaign includes three TV advertisements which started screening last Sunday featuring the actor Johnnie Beattie and his daughter Maureen, and broadcasting brothers Sanjeev and Hardeep Kohli.

A Power of Attorney is an authority given by an individual to another person or persons to deal with certain aspects of their affairs. The Power of Attorney can relate to financial and property matters, or personal welfare, or a combination of both.

Norman Geddes commented: “The vast majority of us realise the necessity of making financial provision for possible adverse future circumstances, most notably perhaps insuring the life of a family’s chief breadwinner.

“But other adverse circumstances which might occur in the future also include a person becoming physically or mentally incapable of making proper decisions about their financial affairs or how they can best be looked after.

“The best way to prepare for this possibility is to execute a Power of Attorney in favour of a trusted relative or friend.

“The process is straightforward and relatively inexpensive, but requires the advice and guidance of a qualified solicitor.

“The result is increased peace of mind about the future, and I am pleased to back this public awareness campaign by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Glasgow City Council.”

For further information go to the Public Guardian (Scotland) website: CLICK HERE

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