The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Thursday, 15 May 2014

South Ayrshire Council announces new corporate management structure to help deliver best value

A new corporate management team structure that will help ensure South Ayrshire Council is fit for purpose and can embed best value throughout the organisation was approved by Councillors today (Thursday 15 May 2014).

[Pictured: Eileen Howat, Chief Executive of South Ayrshire Council.]

The new structure – which will introduce changes at Executive Director and Head of Service levels – takes account of significant revisions to the Council’s operational responsibilities, such as the transfer of social work services to the new Health and Social Care Partnership and the creation of the Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

The approved changes will mean the removal of the Council’s Care, Learning and Wellbeing directorate and Executive Director post, the introduction of a new Director for Educational Services and the deletion of a number of Heads of Service posts.

These are Head of Children’s Services; Head of Community Care and Housing; Head of Education; Head of Policy, Community Planning and Public Affairs; and Head of Property and Facility Services.

As a result, the following new Head of Service posts will be established: 

Head of Finance and ICT, with responsibility for the administration of the financial affairs of the Council, as well as revenues and benefits
Head of Policy and Performance, with responsibility for best value, the Single Outcome Agreement, Council Plan, oversight of Service and Improvement Plans, performance and public affairs.

Head of Communities, bringing together the various strands of work with communities across South Ayrshire.

Head of Housing and Facilities, with responsibility for housing, facilities management and property maintenance.

In addition, the equivalent of one Head of Service post will transfer to the Shadow Integration Board for health and social care, and there will also be minor changes to other Heads of Service remits and titles.

Eileen Howat, Chief Executive of South Ayrshire Council, said: “The changes approved by members today are wholly designed to ensure we are a fit for purpose organisation. They will ensure we are structured in a sensible way that allows us to work efficiently and effectively, while continuing to deliver both high-quality services and best value for our communities.

“That will remain our focus at all times, and I am confident our new structure, which will be implemented as quickly as possible, provides the right basis for us to move the organisation forward to where we want to be.”

Changes to personnel within the new structure will be managed in line with the Council’s Managing Change Policy.

Full details of the proposed changes and the new structure chart can be found in the Council paper, which is available on the Council website,

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