The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Friday, 26 September 2014

Invitation to N2X Business Academy

N2X Business Academy is breakthrough program of 8 rolling workshops covering every aspect of business.

Derek Mair, Award Winning Business & Leadership Coach

For far less than you might spend on lunch each month, you will learn how to make more money, gain back time, and create a dream team.

It’s a Business Re-education that you get to keep forever.

If your business right now is not providing the returns in time, money or satisfaction you deserve come along and discover how N2X Business Academy can help you.

Discover a Better Business; Discover an Exceptional Future

Wednesday 1 October, Fenwick Hotel, Fenwick, Kilmarnock, KA3 6AU.

09:00–09:30 Tea & Coffee with Filled Rolls
09:30–10:45 Discover the benefits of Business Academy
10:45–11:00 Tea & Coffee + Networking with other business owners
11:00–12:30 Discover the benefits + Open Coaching, your opportunity to present questions
about your business and walk away with new fresh ideas
12:30 Close

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07760 754601

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Attendance at our Discovery Day is by invitation only and free to business owners who are serious about developing themselves, their business and their profits, with no obligation to join N2X Business Academy.

Ngage 2 Xcel Your Potential

Business | Leadership | Life | Wealth

Derek Mair’s Personal Guarantee: “If you do not walk away from our Academy Discovery Day with at least three new ideas to overcome current business challenges or move your business forward, I will pay you £100 for your time”. Derek Mair

Discover the proven methods hundreds of business owners have already used in their companies through Ngage-2-Xcel

If any of the following statements apply to you, then coming along N2X Business Academy Discovery Day will add value to you and to your business:

Having a strategy that will compel my former and inactive customers and clients to again buy from me with enthusiasm and fervour.
Help me develop a simple marketing plan and an effective sales process that will significantly increase my customers without taking my time and energy away from day-to-day business.
To make best use of my time and get myself the freedom of more time away from the business to spend on hobbies and with family , still knowing it is growing and creating more, and more, profits.
Helping me to develop and build strong leadership skills and attributes so I can, not just manage, but truly lead my people and my company.
Helping me and my team get better use of our time and stop working reactively, putting out fires, and become more pro-active about building the company.
The most effective sales appeal for my product or service that in the eyes of potential customers will uniquely put my business a head and shoulders above my competition.
To help me understand how to re-invest my profits back into the business or how to take profits and invest them for passive income outside of my business.
Getting a solid business plan of action so I and my team are focused on doing what matters, what’s important and what will get the biggest results.
Working ‘ON’ my business rather than ‘IN’ it and create a systems dependent company rather than a people dependant one.
Help me understand my numbers, how the finance of business works so I can ask better questions of my accountant, and expand, franchise, acquire or just help me become a better owner.

Derek Mair, Award Winning Business & Leadership Coach

Derek has lived and started multi-million pound business operations across three continents. He has over twenty year’s corporate experience in various senior global positions. Now a multiple SME business owner, investor, business leader and coach, Derek devotes much of his time to helping others exceed their potential.

Ngage 2 Xcel Your Potential
Business | Leadership | Life | Wealth

"The most productive and informative workshops I have ever attended. Any business would get great value from attending." - Angela Bate, Royal Bank of Scotland
“Quite simply it was FANTASTIC! The best course I have ever been on - and I've been on a lot! The real differentiator for me was the quantity of achievable initiatives. I implemented at least 4 within 24 hours, which will make a real difference to our business.
- LloydsTSB Commercial Banking Customer

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