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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Travelling Anne Frank Museum at Kyle Academy

Pupils from nine South Ayrshire Council primary and secondary schools had an opportunity to see the internationally acclaimed Travelling Anne Frank Museum when it visited Kyle Academy in Ayr on an educational visit for pupils.

[Pictured: A poignant and moving memorial to Anne Frank, helping to preserve her memory and legacy. The exhibition was attended by pupils from nine South Ayrshire Council primary and secondary schools, when it visited Kyle Academy in Ayr as part of an educational visit.]

The ‘Anne Frank a history for today’ museum tells the story of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who lived in hiding in fear of her life, against the background of the Holocaust and the Second World War. The exhibition is primarily aimed at young people from 11 to 18 years of age. 

A group of S2 Kyle Academy pupils were specially trained to act as guides to the museum and one of them accompanied every group that visited to ensure that they get the best possible experience. 

After touring the museum Councillor Margaret Toner, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder for the Council said: “I feel very privileged to have been able to see this exhibition which has travelled all over the world. Anne Frank was a courageous young woman and her life story is very inspiring. 

“With Holocaust Memorial Day taking place on 27 January 2015, marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the 20th anniversary of the Genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia the timing of the visit could not have been better.

The exhibition aims to:

• Inform visitors about the history of the Holocaust from the perspective of Anne Frank and her family.

• Show visitors that cultural, ethnic, religious and political differences between people exist in every society and that such views can lead to discrimination, exclusion, persecution and even murder.

• Challenge visitors to think about concepts such as tolerance, mutual respect, human rights and democracy.

• Help visitors to understand that a society where differences between people are respected does not come about by itself.

• Understand that legislation is necessary, but people also have to make a person commitment. 

Councillor Toner concluded: “The theme of Holocaust memorial Day 2015 focuses on memory and passing on the legacy of memories to others. I am positive that the young people who viewed this exhibition will remember what they learned and tell others about in the future.”

[A set of 6 downloadable photographs taken at this eventis available in the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle image archive on Flickr.]

Another free exhibition, ‘Gathering the Voices’ will be on display on Monday 26 January from 8.45am to 1pm and on Tuesday 27 January 2015 from 8.45am until noon. The exhibition contains a wealth of fascinating images and visual material that helps to bring to life the experiences of the people who came to Scotland to escape the Holocaust. 

Holocaust Memorial Day has been held in the UK since 2001 and was declared an international event by the United Nations four years later. It is held each year on 27 January the date in 1945 when the largest Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated.

The theme of Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 is ‘Keep the Memories Alive’ and this year South Ayrshire Council will be hosting the national Holocaust Memorial Day event. More information about the Holocaust can be found at 

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