The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Thursday, 19 February 2015

58 new South Ayrshire Council homes

58 ideal homes for South Ayrshire Council tenants are being created at Lochside in Ayr. Modern, bright, energy efficient and set in carefully landscaped areas, homes and a community to be proud of.

The Lochside homes costing £6 million will be the Council’s fifth new affordable housing development and is supported by Scottish Government funding. 

[Pictured: Councillor Philip Saxton, Housing and Customer First Portfolio Holder is pictured with Jane Armstrong and Andy McClung from the Lochside Neighbourhood Group as others involved in the project celebrate the start of the work.] 

This marks the start of a £15 million investment in new affordable housing across South Ayrshire over the next two years where the Council will work in partnership with the Scottish Government. 

Councillor Philip Saxton, Housing and Customer First Portfolio Holder for the Council said: “The result is a multi-million pound housing development that tenants can be proud of. These new houses reflect exactly what the people of Lochside want and we know that because we asked them.”

The new housing development comprises a mixture of flats, bungalows and cottages to meet the needs of different tenants. All the homes will be built to ‘Housing for Varying Needs’ standard and will be adaptable to accommodate the changing needs of tenants over the course of their lifetime. All the units will be modern and of a high quality and all will be highly energy efficient, making them affordable for tenants to heat and maintain.

The new development will be set within a bright and spacious streetscape with newly landscaped areas and connecting roads, which will improve the appearance of the area for local residents.

Jane Armstrong, Lochside Neighbourhood said: “This is a great thing for the people in the area and a great opportunity for local people. We have had our say on the overall design of this new housing development and have been delighted to work alongside services working in the area.” 

Councillor Saxton concluded: “The Council is committed to building new homes that meet the housing needs and aspirations of our tenants and these high quality modern energy efficient homes will do that.

“These new homes are a direct result of us working in partnership with the local community to bring about this ambitious housing development.  For the new tenants, whether returning to Lochside when the houses are complete, or relocating there the future is bright.” 

South Ayrshire Council is a Founder Member of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle.

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