The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Young entrepreneurs given expert advice on starting their first businesses

Young people looking to branch out into the world of business are being given the chance to learn how to take the first steps in their fledgling careers. 

South Ayrshire Council’s Business Gateway service and AMBITION programme, is launching a new course in partnership with Ayrshire College, for would be entrepreneurs.

The six-week ‘Pitches for Riches’ programme will give students the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops which will provide an insight into self-employment and entrepreneurship.

[Pictured: Business studies student, Oliva Khan, is one 
of the first to take part in the Pitches for Riches course.]

The workshops will focus on: ‘Planning your business’; ‘Control your finances’; ‘Understand your market’; and ‘Pitch your plan’.

Jill Cronin, Head of Enterprise, Development and Leisure, said, “We want to support young people with big ideas in any way we can and this new initiative is a great way of helping develop the next generation of business talent.

“We hope that young people choose to set up and run their companies in South Ayrshire, helping to create a sustainable economy which delivers job satisfaction and creates new jobs.

“I’d like to wish this new course every success and look forward to hearing about future success stories from people that benefit from this dedicated course.”

[Pictured left to right: John Strachan (Business Gateway Advisor); Stuart Thomson (Prince’s Trust); Jill Cronin (South Ayrshire Council’s Head of Enterprise Development & Leisure); Stuart Miller (Director of Education & Business Contracts at Ayrshire College).]

As part of the course participants will be given the opportunity to present their business plan and ideas to a panel of experts.  South Ayrshire Council, alongside some of its partners, will be providing financial support to the best pitches, helping budding entrepreneurs kick-start their own business.

Stuart Millar, Director of Education and Business Contracts at Ayrshire College, said, “With more and more people considering running their own business as a career choice we have responded with this dedicated course.

“We’re offering students practical advice on setting up their all-important business plans and also giving them first-hand experience pitching their ideas to potential funders.

“By targeting this support early we hope to inspire young entrepreneurs to take their lives into their own hands by equipping them with the information they need get ahead in business.”

The new programme, got underway on Monday 25 April, 2016, will complement the Start-up element of the Business Gateway Service and AMBITION programme in South Ayrshire. 

South Ayrshire Council is a Founder Member of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle.

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