The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Our Climate, Our Future

South Ayrshire Council have launched their first Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy.

[Pictured: South Ayrshire Council's new Sustainable Development
 and Climate Change Member Officer Working Group.]

The strategy was launched during Scotland’s annual Climate Week, with a range of events taking place in County Buildings across the week.

The Energy Agency, Belleisle Rangers and Ayr Active Travel Hub were among those who set up stalls each day to provide more information on what you can do for your climate.

The new strategy sets out a framework for Council projects, policies and initiatives which promote sustainable development, mitigate climate changing emissions, and adapts to the impacts of climate change.

The Council's new Sustainable Development and Climate Change Member Officer Working Group, who are tasked with delivering the strategy, met for the first time prior to the launch. Young people from Prestwick Academy attended the launch to put their questions directly to the group. 

There is a global climate emergency and the Scottish Government recognises the need for serious and decisive action. The Parliament’s Climate Change Committee voted in favour of a net-zero emissions target for 2045 and to increase the targets for 2030 and 2040. These targets are ambitious, credible, and responsible and mean Scotland’s contribution to climate change will end, definitively, within a generation.

Douglas Campbell, Leader of the Council and Chair of the Sustainable Development and Climate Change Member Officer Working Group, said: “Addressing sustainable development and climate change locally is important not just for the future of the planet, but also to tackle inequality, ensure health and well-being and be confident that our decisions about services today are fit for the future too.”

You can view the strategy CLICK HERE. 

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